Celebration Windmill Gift Set


The Celebration Windmill Gift Set is a limited edition set, to celebrate Sylvanian Families' 35th Anniversary!

The Celebration Windmill Gift Set contains a windmill with a lovely light blue roof and large sails. Includes Polar Bear mother and Polar Bear baby in exclusive outfits, as well as stylish blue woodgrain furniture. Also comes with a gondola to carry your baby figure to the windmill attic when you spin the windmill. The gondola goes up and down when you spin the windmill!

The set includes: Main Unit, First Storey Floor, First Storey Balcony, Ladder, Wood Decking, Wood Decking Fence x4, Windmill Hub, Windmill Sails x4, Windmill Unit, Gondola, Cord, Awning, Polar Bear mother, Polar Bear baby, Stove, Bed, Mattress, Pillow, Bedding, Bedside table, Drawer, Rocking chair, Side table, Standing lamp, Diary, Book, Blanket, Pot, lid, Mug (A total of 36 pieces).

Remove the awning and add the sign board, oven and shelves from the Bakery Shop Starter Set (sold separately) to transform the windmill into a bakery.

Age: 3+ years

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