Elc Nesting Eggs


Open for a surprise! These colourful Early Learning Centre Nesting Eggs are a super fun toy with discovery in every layer.

Open up the four different-sized, colourful eggs to reveal an adorable, friendly little chick in the centre. Lay out all the egg pieces and hide the chick underneath, encouraging little ones to find the prize. Match up the halves with the same colour and size to put the eggs together, then open each egg to reveal your new bird pal!

These bright eggs are durable, making them great toys for pouring and sieving during water or sand play. Playing with them helps develop fine motor skill and encourages problem solving.

Four colourful eggs to crack, match and nest
Set contains: 4x nesting eggs and 1x chick
Crack the egg to find the chick or match the colours and sizes
Encourages problem solving and helps develop fine motor skills

Ages: 9 months - 3 years