Lalaboom 12 Pce Beads


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Montessori inspired play toy 4 ways to play - pop, twist, mix, stack

Quality, long-lasting product
Easy to clean
Lalaboom educational beads provide children with a wonderful opportunity to learn through play. Their simple shapes allow children from the age of 10 months to practise and acquire the motor skills that are essential to their development. Lalaboom is there for your child when they learn new activities as they grow older. Lalaboom creates thoughtful and high-quality toys that allow your child to grow and blossom, freely and at their own pace. Clipping, twisting, opening, lacing, stacking and creating can all be forms of playing that greatly stimulate your childs concentration, imagination and motor skills. The many features of Lalaboom toys require children to make use of their cognitive functions such as attention, perception, memory or reasoning. You can therefore leave your child to develop their talents naturally, in respect of their own preferences, play time and freedom.

Whats in the box
12 pieces
Suitable for ages 10mths+

Learning Outcomes
-Fine Motor Skills

Helps your child discover their senses & skills in their own time Colours & textures for little eyes & hands