Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Faces Set 3


The Sensory Tumbling Faces are great for hands-on play, encouraging fine motor skill development in young infants. This set of 3 round wooden tumbling faces each feature different sensory experiences including; auditory, textural and visual. The tumbling faces rock and roll around when touched by little ones. When viewed from the top they reveal little treasures inside – coloured rattling balls locked away with a transparent screen. They can be lined up, stacked and rolled around for countless hours of exploratory play. The Sensory Tumbling Faces encourage fine motor skill development as little ones shake, grasp and toss the tumbling toys. Made from sustainable rubberwood and stained with non-toxic water-based dyes all pieces of the playset are safe for children. Each Sensory Tumbling Face measures 6cmL x 6cmW x 5.2cmH.

Suitable for ages 6+ months.