Friendship Horse Tournament 42440


At the Schleich® Horse Club Friendship Tournament, Sofia rides an Arabian mare and Lisa a Trakhener mare. The wide variety of play functions and extensive accessories are terrific fun: The fully movable girl figurines groom the animals in the horse stall with card and hoof pick and put on their saddle and bridle. They put on their helmets before riding. The obstacle course is surrounded by a fence and has two jumps. One is decorated with hearts and the other is painted gold. The dreaded water jump demands concentration. Two flags flutter in the wind, and suddenly a mouse darts behind the straw bales! The spectators in the stands are tense and excited. Will the horses become insecure? After the tournament, the winner is awarded a bouquet and a ribbon on the podium. Wonderful souvenir photos are taken with a camera and tripod.

Recommended Age: 5-12 years