Navir Mega Bug Viewer


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The Mega Bug Viewer helps you view bugs and small creatures using a magnifier. Curious kids who would like to study bugs and other insects or small animals closely will find the Mega Bug Viewer to be an exciting device. It is shaped like a transparent cup with a magnifying glass around the lid. The lid closes firmly to make sure the bug inside it does not escape. To get started, you take the Mega Bug Viewer to the garden or any outdoor space and open the lid to catch a bug in the container. As soon as the bug enters the container, close the lid. Then use the magnifying glass on the top to study the bug as it tries to move inside the container. This device is also useful for studying other small creatures like tadpoles. The lens on the container lid is reversible and is approximately 62mm in diameter. It offers 3X magnification. The cup's diameter is about 100mm, and it is 12 cm tall. The cup also includes aeration holes so that the bug stays alive. This educational toy is recommended for children over 3 years old.
Lid colours can be red, green or blue - and will be chosen based on the availability at the time