Plan Toys Penguin


Plan Toys Penguin is a wooden toy that spins, wobbles and entertains babies.
Delight little ones with a toy that wobbles and spins when pushed. The Plan Toys Penguin is an adorable animal toy with rounded edges that provides a lot of entertainment. Kids will love to reach for this toy with its beautiful black and white contrasts and cute shape.

The Plan Toys Penguin is an excellent toy for visual stimulation and development of fine motor skills. Perfect for play and tummy time, give this penguin toy a little push for crawlers to follow around. It’s ideal for small kids ages six months up.

Plan Toys Penguin is a wobbling, spinning and tumbling egg-shaped wooden animal.
Encourages your baby’s visual and motor skill development
Enhances skills in problem-solving, coordination, grip, clutching, and balance
All PlanToys toys are sustainably made from rubberwood trees, water-based dyes, organic pigments and formaldehyde-free glues.
Penguin Toy measures 6 x 7.5 cm.
Suitable for babies six months and up