Smartmax Power Vehicles Mix


A big attraction in building and driving fun! The magnetic design drives enthusiasm. Kids love SmartMax.

SmartMax magnetic vehicles get little kids moving in exploration of construction and magnetism. Twenty-six bright pieces click easily and neatly into place. Though it may seem like a small amount of pieces- it's surprising how they rev the imagination! Kids create fascinating vehicles one right after another.

Fully compatible with all SmartMax sets for extended construction fun, these vehicles go the distance in engaging kids.

Certified to meet the world's toughest safety and play requirements. Giant, non-swallowable 1.8 inch diameter balls and specially sonic-welded pieces mix and match endlessly!

SmartMax Power Vehicles - Max Complete Set
Magnetic vehicle components
Encourage exploration of magnetism and construction
Bright pieces click into place
Mix and match endless to create vehicles
Compatible with all SmartMax products
Fully safety tested, non-swallowable 1.8 inch diameter balls, sonic welded pieces
26 select pieces to build a wide range of vehicles
Includes instruction booklet